Squashing the Beetle

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In 2003 the last classic VW Beetle rolled off the Wolfsburg assembly line. In 1998 the first new streamline Beetle was introduced (replete with budvase) – and it was beautifully designed. For the past half decade the Volkswagen designers have not mucked around with the body, but for 2012, well the muck is making mire.

The new VW (above) press office claims that the 2012 redesign looks more like the original Beetle. In fact, it looks more like the PT Cruiser than a contemporary VW; this Beetle is decidedly retro. And it bugs me.

Why o’ why was this necessary? By elongating the nose of the automobile, squashing the windows and adding a spoiler, the designers have destroyed the brilliant streamlining and “logo” shape of the new Beetle. The new version looks more like any old car from the 30s – the original commissioned by you-know-who.

Its kind of like the New Coke story, except I presume there will not be a VW Classic as a result.

Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle

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