Stop the Presses: More Ignorance and Stupidity in the World

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This just in from The Jerusalem Post and the UK’s Daily Mail:

ISTANBUL – A Turkish shampoo commercial featuring an enraged Adolf Hitler is a “huge insult to human rights” and should be withdrawn, leaders of the country’s Jewish community said on Monday.The 13-second television spot for Biomen shampoo shows black-and-white archival footage of the Nazi leader at a political rally. Dubbed in Turkish, he shouts that men should not use women’s shampoo.“Using Hitler, whose brutal ideology caused the deaths of millions of people, in a commercial in order to be different or create awareness (of a product) is unacceptable,” said a statement posted on Istanbul’s chief rabbinate’s website.

See the Commercial here.

Protest from the American Anti-Defamation League came fast and furious: “The use of images of the violently anti-Semitic dictator who was responsible for the mass murder of 6 million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to sell shampoo is a disgusting and deplorable marketing ploy,” said ADL national director Abraham Foxman.

One commenter on You Tube notes: “They should have called it: ‘Mein Shampf.'”

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