Study Design in Venice and Rome

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The second annual School of Visual Arts Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome (chaired by Lita Talarico and me) is now taking applications.

Spend two weeks studying visual communication—especiallytypography and the book—in Venice and Rome, the birthplace of Western typographictradition. Study with the best typographers in Italy. Visit the TrajanColumn, the Pantheon, and the Arch of Titus. Examine inscriptions onRoman buildings and monuments that have long been a typographic ideal. Check out the Facebook Fan page for the workshop in design history, theory, and practice. This is an intensiveperiod of study that enables students to research and analyze the rootsof typography–and draw type and letters from the classic models–whilepracticing contemporary design (and eating gelato) with Italian and American designers and design historiansdesign historians.

You can view last summer’s visual diary here. (Photos of Venice and Rome by Jonathan Ro-Schofield.)

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