Tea Style

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By: Steven Heller

revolution is brewing

The fragile state of the fledgling Tea Party movement, which is riven with policy disagreements over how its revolt should be managed, appears to have one thing together — posters.

For all its reckless rhetoric — Americans will be “boiled to death in the cauldron of the nanny state” — the posters have a certain primitive flair.

As the Tea Party is drawing up plans for a formal committee that will raise funds and direct support to conservative candidates (and Sarah Palin is picking up her cheerleader’s megaphone) the grass roots of the party is digging into their tea bag of graphic tricks.

By the way, my favorite tea is Revolution (ironic, no?).

Tea party
what would the founding fathers do?
silent majority no more
tea bags- 2009 tea party, we're mad as hell & we're not going to take it anymore
join the tea party- we are tea'd