The Art of Print 50s/60s

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In recent Print magazines, executive editor emeritus Martin Fox has written knowingly about issues and stories from the past 70 plus years. Given the dozen or so articles he’s published one can conjure a magazine with a long history that serves as the raw material of design history. Still, there will never be enough issues of the current Print to do justice to the magazine’s influential past. As a tip of the hat to Print, from time to time I will revisit a few of the wonderfully— and in this case, elegantly—illustrated covers that defined the aesthetic standard of the magazine—and the graphic standard of the field it represented.

From top to bottom:October 1953: detail from the CBS “Close-up,” a promotion book known as “TV Bible.” April – May 1957: Illustration by Rudolph de Harak made from “make-ready” sheets.March – April 1960: “Design of Annual Report Issue” designed by Designers 3 (Jack Seiden + Jack Golden).July – August 1960: “Paper Issue” designed by Ed DeMartinSeptember – October 1960: “Aspen Issue” designed by Herbert PinzkeJanuary – February 1961: Design by Marilyn Hoffner with art by Abe Gurvin.