The Daily Heller: A Poster Pattern for Sarajevo

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In 2014, Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilíc, among other artists, were invited by the "Sarajevo 1914–2014" project to create posters as part of an anniversary celebration. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, represents the meeting point of civilizations, cultures and religions. Glaser came up with the idea for each designer to create posters that work side by side together, "meeting" each other to form one grand image.

For Glaser and Ilíc's posters, "We divided the letters of the word Sarajevo," Ilíc explains. "Milton got 'A,' 'J,' 'V' and 'O,' and I took the letters 'R,' 'A' and 'E.' We split the letter 'S.'"

Glaser created his poster first, and it looked very modern. "I decided that I would create an 'old' poster," Ilíc says. The work was about Sarajevo, 100 years ago. "For that I decided to create posters with the look of filigree, and crochet both, for which Sarajevo was well-known."

With a little back and forth, they managed to harmoniously match the posters in color and looks. Below are a few possible poster combinations.