The Daily Heller: And Now for Something Really Happy

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Spring represents a new beginning, optimism and hope.

Iancu Barbărasă is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London, originally from Transylvania, Romania. He has been designing and drawing for more than 18 years, working with clients like WeTransfer, Rapha, and top design agencies all over the world. Self-initiated projects—like the one below—are also an important part of his practice. His work aims to inform, delight and inspire.

What triggered this act of love and kindness?
I started drawing flowers for my partner every morning during the first lockdown of 2020. It was a good way for both of us to start the day with a smile during stressful times. The lockdowns eventually ended, but the habit has stuck. I stole the idea from Katsuji Wakisaka (textile designer at Marimekko and later founder of SOU・SOU), who has drawn over 10,000 postcards for his wife so far (there is a book about them, published by Pie Books in 2012).

Both my partner and I get much joy from the project, so I wanted to do a film that would pass on the idea that love and kindness can and should be practiced every day, not just a few times per year during Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas or other similar days.

Are you continuing the project or moving on to another act of affection?|
Yes, I’m still drawing flowers every morning. I guess it has become a form of daily meditation on our couple’s wellbeing. Sometimes it feels a bit repetitive, but life as a couple can sometimes feel like that too. The flower drawings are a good reminder that it’s up to us to appreciate what we have every day, even if it’s not always easy.

How was your gift received?
My partner says it’s a touching project, and that the flowers always brighten her day. She keeps them in front of her on her desk. She’s also curious to see what I do next. I try to come up with surprising shapes and color combinations, but I don’t succeed every day. When I do, and see or hear her reaction full of delight, it makes me very happy.

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