The Daily Heller: As the War Rages, the Posters Continue

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Never forget that a brutal war rages in Europe right now and a dangerous Spring offensive is beginning. The Rennert (Posters Please) Gallery in New York City remembers and is selling 49 different posters by various Ukranian artists to raise funds for the Ukranian Emergency Art Fund. Despite the utter disruption and horror of war, art continues to either offer hope, fuel anger or show solidarity. These posters do that and more.

The posters—most of which have never been seen in the U.S. before—are being released in editions of 500, and are $250 each. Sample a few below—and then head to Rennert Gallery for the entire collection.

At left: Olga Shtonda. Right: Maksym Polenko.

Alona Shostko

At left: Maksym Polenko. Right: Nikita Titov.

Tanya Yakunova