The Daily Heller: COVID Art, Studies in Contrast

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The pandemic is not black or white. Our feelings about it go from dark to light. The consequences of social distancing go from high to low. Isolation can bring out the best and worst—yet also much in between. We have been hunkered down for almost a year that has tested our tolerances.

Forced hibernation, however, is not an option for Mirko Ilic. He has taken this Twilight Zone-d opportunity to resume where he left off decades before he became known as an editorial illustrator, art director, graphic designer, poster exhibition curator along with the other creative accomplishments that fill his toolkit. During COVID, Ilic has returned to his first love, the comic strip—in this case, wordless panels that speak loudly about the intermittent despair we feel when sheltered in place … or sheltered no place. These are three more of his self-referential, untitled “strips,” or coping mechanisms as art. (For an interview with Ilic about this work, click here.)