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“An Eames of Your Own,” the latest upcoming feature from The Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity, launches on Aug. 29. This initiative aims to be a detailed exploration about curating one’s own collection of Eames furniture and artifacts, drawing from the expertise of the institute’s head of research and acquisitions. Few designs have stood the test of time like Eames furniture has, and with the current Midcentury Modern boom, the institute’s in-house expert will explain what to look for—and what to avoid–when developing a personal collection.

Some key highlights:

  • Avoiding modifications to preserve the patina of items
  • Story over style in regard to provenance
  • Earlier designs are not necessarily of more value
  • Being aware of FrankenEames, pieces that have been updated with non-original parts.

The exploration and development is consistent with the work the institute has released to date, including eight online exhibits that aim to equip everyone with the lessons of the designers. With Chief Curator Llisa Demetrios—Ray and Charles Eames’ youngest granddaughter—the institute is delving into the history and heritage of Eames work and collaborations, and how useful this can be in shaping the future of the design world.

Design styles come and go, while the innovations and inventions of the pioneers can live forever. An Eames of Your Own is an original, profoundly interactive way to keep the design itself and the enjoyment it provides alive in real time.

The entire guide will launch in the Eames Institute’s online magazine, Kazam!, featuring illustrations by Catherine Potvin (below), and pieces from the Eames Collection.

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