The Daily Heller: I Wish I Were a Fanboy, or Whatever

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I am definitely not very literate in fanboy culture or scholarship. Those who know The Daily Heller know that the most avant garde I get is this or this—and with the latter it took me a while to become savvy and reverent. When I was a teen I was a fan of this. However, it took a few more years until I got into this. Nonetheless, with age I've been on the lookout for what I missed when I was of the age of being a mag design snob. So it is with humility and wisdom that I offer for your enjoyment the premiere issue of 1413, which was recently been selected as one of the highlights of Stack's indie-mag subscription service with these words:

“A tickle fight with Chinese culture,” 1413 is made between New York and Shenzhen and is dedicated to documenting the strangest and most fascinating aspects of contemporary Chinese pop culture.

Full disclosure, the editor/designer Yinjing Wu was one of my SVA MFA Design/Designer as Entrepreneur graduates, and this magazine was her 2020 venture, which she published and put into the market (it can be found for sale at Casa magazines in New York City). While that admission does not actually influence my enjoyment, it is what makes its real-world existence even more special. Go to the MFA website to see more, or skip the clicks and go directly to 1413's website. My fanboy days may have ended with the Monkees, but I am going ape over this.