The Daily Heller: In Italy, a Small Town Captures the Flags

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The Flag Show by Lorenzo Petrantoni features 53 flags on display in the historic center of the small town of Novi Ligure (near Genoa), Italy. The outdoor flagaganza hangs from Sept. 20–Oct. 20. As if you needed an excuse to go to Italy this Fall, this is one.

An obsessive typographic illustrator, Petrantoni spent his childhood in Novi Ligure, so when he was asked to do a show, there was only one answer. “I proposed to do an open-air exhibition, which could be visited at any time without paying a single euro.” The idea is that the pieces are always in motion and will always be changing with the wind. The 53 flags are of different sizes and hang across the main street of the city, giving the sense of a celebration while projecting the illusion of drying laundry.