The Daily Heller: Data Viz by The Great Grundini

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With the information glut constantly expanding like indigestible carbohydrates in my mind, I need help breaking down the oligosaccharides and vegetable starch that leave plaque on the brain. I've found that a little dose of wit and humor goes a long way. One of the master progenitors (with Otto Neurath/Rudolf Modley/Gerd Arntz being the putative grandfathers, and Nigel Holmes the father) of contemporary data visualization is Peter Grundy, the Great Grundini.

His infrequent promotions, replete with witty representations of dense information, may not make me truly smarter, but certainly give me the illusion of acute understanding. Every few years I receive a Grundini printed keepsake to savor and admire. Like last year's Grundini2 (here). This year's, Grundini20Diagrams, is digital only. In an introductory greeting, he writes: "To mark 15 years as Grundini, I’ve gathered together 20 key diagrams from this period that reflect my information design legacy. From the human body to the Tree of Knowledge, from Henry VIII to Heathrow Airport and beyond." He is also big on Big Data (here).

I've selected a few highlights from the 20 to get you into the Data Tent. Designers of all ages, let's begin the show with my favorite of many …