The Daily Heller: Is the Fish Fresh? Yeah, Right!

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Even as a Jewish kid, dinner on Friday was always fish (though not always fresh). This has little to do with anything design-y, except today is Friday and yesterday I stumbled across this c. 1970s menu for what I believe was an Art Directors Club Awards luncheon. Although no fish was served, the food transcended the rubber chicken variety common at these luncheons and dinners (although it could have been a rubber capon leg).

More to the point of today's post is the simple, eloquent and downright perfect design of the menu by Onofrio Paccione (b. 1930), a 1992 inductee into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame who, at 25, was the head art director of Grey Advertising. The menu exemplifies the witty big and small ideas that were invested in making the ad profession during the Creative Revolution such an extraordinary period.

Feast your eyes and wrap your head around how no-frills smart this concept and execution were. Bon appetit!