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My first question to Alex Kalman, founder of Mmuseumm—the smallest museum in New York City—was, “What took you so long to reopen?” He did not answer. I thought I was being cute. He thought … well; he was wise and high tone ignoring my stupid query, keeping true to the wise and high tone concept he created, curated and has nurtured for almost a decade

Like every other public space hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kalman has had to keep his two doors shut. The small location where it resides (4 Cortlandt Alley in Manhattan) has been locked down. But now there are five ways to experience Mmuseumm’s new exhibition: timed tickets, private tours, a 24-hour observation window, print catalog and digital access. Click here and enjoy the experience. (You can also find Mmusuemm on Instagram.)

Kalman says more in our brief interview below.

In lieu of the pandemic, is Mmuseumm up to safety protocols?Mmuseumm doors are kept open for ventilation. Timed tickets are required—which allows a visitor the chance to have Mmuseumm completely to themself. Masks are required. Time between visitors is provided. We ask that if you are not feeling well, do not come.

Must hazmat or PPE gear be worn?Masks are required.

Is testing required prior to entry?We hope people who are visiting are generally being smart and responsible and getting tested as needed.What is the average time for a visit?. Timed tickets are for 45-minute visits. You can come alone or with a group, up to five people.

What are your highlights this season?A few of the 17 exhibitions on view include:

  • Are We Being Heard? Tools of Protest From Hong Kong: 40 citizen-made tools of protest, including a used molotov cocktail.

  • Is This Modern Slavery? A look at common household items that have dark supply chain roots.

  • The Enduring Racism of American Real Estate: understanding the damaging implications of the seemingly innocuous “we buy houses for cash” signs.

  • Pipelines of Knowing and Unknowing Complicity: objects that served a central roll in devastating occurrences, such as bank credit cards used to sponsor individuals purchasing weapons and carrying out mass shootings in America.

  • Children Lead The Way: a collection of protests signs made by youth for the youth-led climate march.

Have you shaved or changed your clothes since lockdown?Yes. It helps maintain sanity.