The Daily Heller: Orange You Glad When Orange is Just Orange?

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You might assume that a story about the color orange (and Florida) can only mean one thing. Although I admit I am tempted to skew sarcastically partisan, forget the new orange. I’ll stick to the old.

While researching the roots of fruits and vegetables as commercial trademarks, I found this delightful, little-known mascot for the Florida Citrus Exchange (founded in 1909), known as Seald Sweet. Around 1910 the little guy with the head of an orange and torso of a grapefruit stood for good taste, freshness and sweet juice. Unlike many in the mascot genre, he was a rather discreet fellow whose sole mission was to promote natural goodness, at least for the white middle class (e.g., the symbolism of his top hat and pince-nez).

I wish I knew who designed it. The orange-grapefruit guy whet this reporter’s whistle, and I’d like to give credit where its due, for he’s just one of the many orphans of commercial trade culture.

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