The Daily Heller: Panels Tell Stories

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I liken the COVID experience in some ways to New York City blackouts, when shut-in prisoners of the darkness tend to conceive an abundance of babies. Although I don’t believe COVID shut-ins have done all that much physical procreating, the artists among them certainly birthed a considerable amount of work. Just how much and how good it is will be determined over time.

In today’s column, we’re taking another look at my friend Mirko Ilic’s virus-inspired comic strips. I’ve published over a dozen from the 2020 AC (After COVID) series, and he has now produced four more.

His current oeuvre includes enough material for an outdoor exhibition to celebrate the 140-year anniversary of The School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, Croatia, which in March 2020 was heavily damaged by an earthquake. Ilic, a former student, printed 140 copies of the building sequence below that are being used to help raise funds for the repairs.