The Daily Heller: Prince Philip Meets Cancel Culture

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Although “The Crown” BBC series brought England's Prince Philip to the fore, he spent his royal life always two steps behind Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. He never got a spinoff series of his own, never was in line to be king, and was never allowed to have a jolly good time. Figuratively speaking, he was cancelled, by jove. So perhaps it is fitting that in death he has been coronated, so to speak, as the monarch of cancel culture, honored with a set of commemorative postage stamps issued by the British Isle of Jersey. “Jersey Post will issue a set of six commemorative stamps on 6 July, 2021, celebrating the life and achievements of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, it has announced. Britain's longest-serving royal consort, The Duke of Edinburgh passed away at Windsor Castle on 9 April at the age of 99.” Jolly good!


Jersey Post is proud to have been issuing its own stamps since becoming an independent postal administration operator in 1969. The island of Jersey is rich in history and culture, and over the years Jersey Post has produced stamps on a wide range of topics, including the Island's heritage, special anniversaries and Jersey's links to celebrated figures and world events.

And a rousing hurrah for such a contemporaneously handsome set, indeed, designed by Osborne Ross, the very London firm celebrated by The Daily Heller for its Royal Mail endangered insect and jolly animal stamps.

Images were chosen to demonstrate the many facets of Philip's life and to celebrate his service to the Crown, the people of Britain and the Commonwealth for over 70 years.

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