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One unintended consequence of COVID-19 is the epidemic of posters it has triggered all around the world. There is a certain irony here, since posters are best posted in the street, and the street should be off limits during a pandemic. But life is full of ironies and posters are versatile.

Among the most interesting manifestations of manifesti is the CHINA ANTI – NOVEL CORONAVIRUS 100 POSTERS EXHIBITION. The show, which opened on Aug. 1 at WenZhou Library Gallery in China is, like the virus, still going strong. Curated by Oleg Veklenko (from Ukraine) and Li Xu (from China), it is organized by Art A&B in Bejing and 4th Block in Kharkiv.

“Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that was first reported from Wuhan, China, is rapidly spreading. This poster exhibition deals with the coronavirus fear and the goal of it is communicating a message for the positive attitude toward the people fighting with and against it, a message of love from everybody,” state Veklenko and Xu.

More than 60 designers from over 20 countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Ukraine, Iran, Greece, Uruguay, Japan, Hungary, South Korea, the United States, Georgia, Denmark, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, India, Nigeria, Canada and more were invited to participate, a Noah's Ark of poster solidarity.

Mixed metaphors aside, let's hope the flood recedes sooner rather than later.

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Li Xu
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