The Daily Heller: The U.S. Constitution in Pictures

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The Constitution Illustrated (Drawn & Quarterly) is so easy to read (and inexpensive to buy) that even a man-child U.S. President might learn something about the laws, precepts and rights bequeathed to the nation he leads. R. Sikoryak, comics artist, cartoon historian and now Constitutional scholar, has drafted the styles of many of America's great past and present comic strip artists (of all religions, creeds, genders and social backgrounds) —from Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon" to Hank Ketcham's "Dennis the Menace" to Alice Bechdel's "Dykes to Watch Out For" to Nicole Hollander's "Sylvia" to Frederick Burr Opper's "Happy Hooligan" to, whew, Art Spiegelman's "Maus," and many, many others.

Sikoryak is so pitch perfect in his true-to-comic-life rendering of the likes of Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Peanuts and Krazy Kat, you'd think they were drawn by the original artists. He segments the sacred texts into dialog balloon passages, covering the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and amendments.

Every school kid and their parents should keep a copy of this document in their pocket. Every President who has never read it, should delve into this version (and give it to his minions in the West Wing and Justice Department, just in case).

I wish I had the liberty show you every page but that would be unconstitutional — and spoil the fun.

Citizen Sikoryak, you've done a great service to your nation and its people.

Citizen Sikoryak, self-portrait.