The Daily Heller: The Emigre Specimens

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Emigre Fonts represent the early, middle and continued history of the digital typographic age. I still treasure the first one I received in the mail. Now, you can download most of Emigre’s type specimens for free as PDF files. But if you believe that nothing beats printed paper, "now is the time," says Emigre co-founder Rudy VanderLans, "to add to your library of printed type specimen catalogs.

For the first time ever in my memory of collecting them, Emigre is making their archive of printed font catalogs available for sale. These are vintage type specimens of some of the foundry's most popular fonts, such as Mrs Eaves, Program, Puzzler, Alda, Cardea and Vista. History!!!

Designed by Rudy VanderLans, these catalogs transcend their primary function as sales tools. By creating specific contexts, the distinctive booklets "were produced to be enjoyed as much for the design of the typefaces as for the engaging content within," he adds. "If you missed out on any of these, or want to replace an old copy, now is your chance to enhance your collection." Offer is limited and time is passing quickly. Even I do not have them all.