The Daily Heller: The Healing Power of Zagnoli’s Design

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Happy spring!

Spring sprung on Saturday (the Daily Heller's day of rest). Today (back to work) I wish all the best for this new season! And hurrah for joyful curative graphic design!

There is nothing better to usher in the anticipated end of a pandemic than seeing brightly colored typography and illustration. In this spirit, thanks to Eataly Flatiron at Madison Square for staying open throughout the past year, and more important, for enabling Olimpia Zagnoli to exercise her healing power in a public space.

Throughout the dreary winter, the retrofitted storage container below has stood as the visual embodiment and harbinger of better things to come. And here we are …

Zagnoli’s vibrant, intriguingly complex, radiantly wondrous, wittily energetic art produces an all-too-rare feeling these days: happiness. I am indeed delighted to see this day in and day out, as well the work in her forthcoming monograph, Caleiodoscopica (Lazy Dog Press). Her illustrations capture my eyes; her images stimulate all senses. Her colors and forms project optimism. She charms. Even her name evokes dollops of charisma. All told, she has evolved into one of today's most alluring illustrators, mesmerizing artists and healer of worn-out pandemic souls.

Oh, and the pizza's good, too.

In case, you want more joy, here are some more gifts of the season …