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Many of you are thinking it; some of you have admitted it; others are ambivalent about it … but the year of living through COVID-19 (with emphasis on living) was as dreamlike as it was nightmarish.

I ran through the gamut of emotions. Friends and acquaintances died, others suffered with lesser to higher degrees of illness. They were trapped in solitary confinement and confined to Zoom.

The world was upside-down; it was stressful and ridden with fear; science and ignorance battled (safe to say, science won out, although it ain't over till it's over).

As we emerge from the yin and yang of pandemic, and before relegating them to the dustheap of failing memory, I reprise a few musings from a year ago. Indulge my recollections:

The COVID Zone

Social Distancing

Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

Pandemic Sanity Clause

On Being Displaced

Virus Goes Viral

Art for Isolation

COVID Posters

COVID in the Times

Nature is Getting on My Nerves

I Still Can't Sleep

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