The Daily Heller: to Be Human is Not Exactly to Be Humane

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Chicago-based [m]adman Lowell Thompson has decided to start a new inclusive race.

“When I found out that domain name was available, I knew I had something,” he told me. “I think people assume that to be human is to be humane. But Putin is, technically, a human. Right? So was Hitler, Attila the Hun, Dr. [Holmes] (The Devil in the White City), John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. …”

“Yes, in theory, all humans can become humane. But it takes work. We’re all born human, not humane. I say the ‘e’ stands for evolution,” he says.
“We don’t need all humans to become humane in order for us to create humane cultures. Just the overwhelming majority. If I’m wrong, humans are history.”