The Daily Heller: Your Wake-Up Imagery, Delivered Fresh Daily

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From 2008 until 2015, Eric Baker made the sun shine on a cloudy day for many of his designer friends with a daily email brimming with photographic and typographic temptations. He called it “Good Morning,” and it was a stimulating breakfast treat.

“When it arrived on my computer each morning,” writes Paula Scher in her introduction to Good Morning, a compilation of some of the hundreds upon hundreds of curated images, “I would scroll down and view the images he sent. There was always something there that I thought was terrific that I saved because I thought I would use it later, and never did.”

Whether the images were used or not, the “Good Morning” emails stirred imaginations and made mouths water.

Baker provided an invaluable service. Not only did he vacuum the web, sucking in the rarest, most curious, rarely-seen pictures that might take a professional researcher days and nights to uncover, if at all, he was generous enough to supply them free of any finder’s fee.

Good Morning (the book) was published recently in a limited edition of 100 copies and given out to friends. “Mostly, I wanted a physical artifact of the images,” Baker explained in an email. He hadn’t considered selling them, but, “If there is interest I can always go back and print more. I’m just not that good at setting up a web store!”

There are only 30 copies left. But perhaps a wave of interest might restart the press. If you want to express your desire, contact Baker here and tell him the Daily Heller sent you.