The Gold Age of Movie Posters

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Bill Gold designed hundreds of movie posters – many memorable, some classic, lots, well, like the films themselves, forgettable. The masterpieces, however, are “Casablanca,” “Dirty Harry,” “The Wild Bunch,” “My Fair Lady” and one of my favorites, “Unforgiven.”

Gold, 90, spent six decades creating posters and retired in 2004. “He laments the low expectations for today’s posters,” writes Alex Ben Block in The Hollywood Reporter, ‘”They’re just showing the actors, so every movie looks like the next one,’ Gold says. ‘If a man and a woman are next to each other, it must be a love story.'”

Block’s article, “Secrets Behind Hollywood’s Greatest Movie Posters,” is significant introduction to a designer that was universally seen, but maybe not heard about. It is also filled with (as they say in the DVD business) extras. Slide shows and videos of the posters and the artist. A must read.