The K is for Kindness

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If you are a fan of 30 Rock, you’ll know that the fictional giant Kabletown has just engulfed GE/NBC. And if you read the newspapers, you’ll know that in so-called “real life,” the giant Comcast has just acquired NBC Universal. What you may not know, the fictional “K is for kindness” Kabletown (any similarity to those living or dead is purely coincidental) has its own website. If a website exists, then the thing it is websiting exists. Websites bring good things to life. From that site comes:

Kabletown is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal. With this partnership comes the promise of high quality entertainment for our audiences, continued superior service for our customers, and the possibility of meeting the girl from “Chuck” for our executives.

We at Kabletown know that the landscape of television is changing. Our goal is to evolve and adapt along with it, offering new ways for our customers to get their content. This acquisition will give Kabletown customers access to NBC content, plus content from the network’s cable properties. This way, not only can we can offer content in ways that content has never been offered before, but we can use the word “content” almost 60% more than we used to in press releases. Our partnership with GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal will help us to better serve you, the consumer.

Can somebody out there wink or nod to let us know what’s real and fake.