The Daily Heller: The Top 10 Daily Hellers of 2021

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This has been an unusual year. Many of you have continued to work remotely, but the design world continues to orbit the sun. I have continued to produce Daily Hellers throughout the year as scheduled. But, this year I have decided to take a holiday vacation. In lieu of new columns for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I offer a menu of the 10 most popular columns of the past year. Some you may have forgotten, or failed to read when they were first published. So enjoy this brief respite. Be safe and healthy. See you in 2022 (and remember, this year we’ll get the only 2/2/22 ever).

The Most Prolific Designer You’ve Never Known
The James Bond gun logo. The West Side Story poster. Meet Joseph Caroff, the unknown designer whose work you know well.

The Assistant: Jayme Odgers Works for Paul Rand
Jayme Odgers brings readers into the mind of the legendary designer like never before. 

Eli Kince’s Rosetta Stone of Design
Elvin Elias Lee Kince walks PRINT through the amazing design journey that led to his seminal work Visual Puns in Design.

The Workspace as Respite in the Post-COVID World
A 5,000-volume library. Full kitchen. Shower. Meditation space. Brian Collins is building your dream office. Take a sneak peek.

Frank Frazetta, the Sci-Fi Rockwell
PRINT talks with author J. David Spurlock about the subject of his new book: Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta.

Visualizing Learning Patterns Through Nature’s Spatial Patterns
“Patterns are how nature grows, and patterns are how we learn.” Here, Alex Wolf breaks down her patternABC.

Marathon Typographer Lorenzo Petrantoni
Delve into the world of Lorenzo Petrantoni, who combines images from 19th-century encyclopedias with incredible typographic work.

Data Viz by The Great Grundini
Designers, step up and behold the work of the master of data visualization, Peter Grundy—The Great Grundini.

An Incomparable Book, Like Nothing I’ve Seen or Touched Before
Daydreams may be a daydream of design, but it is also a tactile realization of how much design Jumping He gives to the world. 

Letterform Archive Does the Bauhaus
“Bauhaus Typography at 100” kicks off a brilliant design institution’s first exhibition with a bang.