Twick or Tweet Best DIY Masque Competition

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With Halloween just around the corner The Daily Heller presents its first annual “Twick or Tweet Best DIY Masque Competition.” Alas, entries should have been submitted yesterday. Yet since I only now announced it – and have not impaneled our supreme court of judges – that is going to be a smidge difficult.

So, this year rather than ask readers to send in their favorite DIY masks, as I would have done if I thought of this sooner, I offer, hopefully for your enjoyment, my favorite DIY masks by the Polish artist and surrealist mask-maker Stasys Eidrigevicuius (born on July 24, 1949 in the village Medinskiai in the north of Lithuania, the second son of Leonard, of Polish decent, and Alfonsa, to whom he was particularly attached). See more here.

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