Two Books: One Mine, The Other Not

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James Victore has designed over 30 covers and jackets for books I have authored and co-authored, including my most recent, POP: How Graphic Design Shapes Popular Culture (Allworth Press), which was published on July 14. Now, he has his own book, Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss? (Harry N. Abrams).

The former is a collection of my essays, some originally published on DesignObserver, AIGA VOICE, PRINT, EYE magazine, Metropolis, New York Times T-Style, Baseline and unpublished others, all on the theme of popular culture and its impact on graphic design and vice versa. The latterbook, is a collection of Victore’s past 20 years of printed work(notably his posters), produced over the past twenty years, eachannotated in his upper New York State-son-of-an-airforce-man’s voice.It was designed with aplomb by Paul Sahre and introduced with acuity byMichael Bierut. It’s boss!

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