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I love type prefix titles like Typotheque, Tipoteca, Typology, Typomuffin, etc. Now there’s Typedia, and you guessed it–it’s a wiki-like, interactive encyclopedic type website devised and designed by Jason Santa Maria, Khoi Vinh, John Langdon, Liz Danzico, and Dan Cederholm, all names I suspect Print readers know well (or will now).

Well, you wouldn’t have guessed that these guys did it had I not told you. But here’s what Santa Maria says about the new venture: “Sites like Flickr had already revolutionized the way we shared anddiscovered photography; why isn’t anyone taking advantage of the webfor the sake of type? I should do that, I murmured. My friendsoffered up a shared response: Well, do it.” They did it. (Langdon designed the logo above.)

Typedia enables the user to locate typefaces, attribute a designer or foundry, and see the face(s) in context. But, Santa Maria says, a site like Typedia is only as good as its members. “So we made it deadsimple to contribute. Creating an account is quick, and adding alisting for a typeface only has one required field, the name. Fill inany other information you know, and others will (we hope) help byfilling in what you don’t.” To get started, visit the homepage and register.

Then build the largest type library in the universe.

What’s the first font you would grab? Tell us in the comments. And if anyone knows who designed it, I’m looking for info on a face called Klaus Bubula Bold.