Vintage Neo-Nazi Symbol

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I (and others) have written about the Nazi use of runes as logos before, but if you haven’t paid a lot of attention, one to watch for from the Alt-Right is the Odal rune. In the Reich it was the symbol for the Blood and Soil movement, the Nazi idea of making a world where German people were destined to live on German land. It was a mystical bond between the land and the soul of the people. The movement flourished throughout the SS leadership. The Odal rune was the emblem of the Waffen-SS (the combat arm of the SS) division Prinz Eugen. It was also used by Reichs Bauernschaft and the Hitlerjugend (the Hitler Youth). Today it is used in place of the Swastika.

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Collar patch for Waffen SS division.

The modern-day Norroena Society continues the traditions of this worldview. Among their goals they speak of reestablishing the 12 fundamentals of Odin’s culture and making cutting-edge research on the Odinist faith available, unfettered by the Christian biases and restraints of mainstream academia.


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