Walmart vs. Target: Logo Style

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Walmart vs. Target: Logo Style

The Wall Street Journal reports that Wal-Mart (or Wal*Mart) will now become Walmart* and change its logo in what appears to be a frontal attack on Target.

From the article:

Wal-Mart’s new starburst logo mimics the cleaner,brighter sign of competitor Target Corp., with its iconic red-and-white bull’s-eye.Wal-Mart has attempted in several ways to update itsimage in recent years. Gone from almost all its signage is theonce-ubiquitous yellow smiley face.Last year, Wal-Mart also changed its corporate uniformfor store workers, retiring bulky blue polyester vests in favor ofkhakis and polo shirts similar to those favored by Target and otherretail chains.

Stay tuned for further updates from the front lines.