Weekend Heller: An Exhibit of Writing and Research

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This past Wednesday the SVA Department of Design Research, Writing & Criticism (136 West 21st St., 2nd Floor, NY) opened Exploding Footnotes: Design Research in Action, an exhibition/event where the Class of 2015 delivered tightly honed presentations of their thesis work, hosted by chairperson Alice Twemlow.


Exploding Footnotes: Design Research in Action turns the spotlight on the research process. “It seeks to retrieve the gold dust often buried in footnotes at the bottom of the page, to expose and examine the behind-the-scenes travails, legwork, drama, breakthroughs, doubts and dead-ends that are a part-and-parcel of in-depth research, but normally smoothed over by the linear narrative of scholarly writing,” Twemlow says. “By zeroing in on these tiny superscript numerals and the riches they contain, we celebrate the research process as well as its products.”

The exhibition was organized by the MFA Design Criticism students, working with Superscript co-founder Molly Heintz and designers Neil Donnelly and Jens Holm. Video of the event will soon be available on the SVA website. In the meantime, follow @DCrit for an ongoing Twitter conversation about the evening’s provocations.


Twemlow invites everyone to come and take a look: “I’ll walk you through it.” Also, if you could not make it to the event, but would like to receive the packet of materials given out, just send your mailing address to 136 West 21st St., 2nd Floor, NY 10011.


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