Weekend Heller: Areas of Concentrated Emotion

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Veteran photographer Marcia Lippman reveals a new world (or as she says, “a constellation” of old and new photographic techniques through images that capture the hidden details of paintings and sculpture). These and other digital explorations on her blog are finding that classic analog methods are alive in the digital space. The images below will be part of a forthcoming exhibition in 2017.


About the images, she writes: “These new photographs locate the small areas of concentrated emotion in old paintings and sculpture where history, memory and the artist’s imagination coalesce. Made in 2014–2016, these images of images isolate rapturous details where the meanings of life accumulate. In one photograph, a black string tied into an off-kilter bow connects the edges of a white collar that barely covers the pale human neck below; in another, a half-closed hand falls on plush fabric, the result of a swoon, an illness, a death? Through the careful framing of a particular, instead of the whole, this work simultaneously invokes fragility, violence, romance and mortality.”

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