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The publisher Standards Manual has teamed up with Brian Kelley on New York City Transit Authority: Objects: a catalogue by Kelley that presents an archive of New York’s historic subway system through a unique array of over 400 artifacts.

Standards Manual has published two books on New York City Transit Authority artifacts.

Kelley’s collection began in 2011 when he started amassing and photographing MetroCards. After searching through all of New York’s subway stations and documenting a wide variety of cards, he eagerly expanded his search to include any and all NYCTA objects he could find: maps, uniforms, tokens, matchbooks, posters and signs dating from the mid-19th century to today.

Standards Manual has published two books on New York City Transit Authority artifacts.

Eventually, Kelley’s search throughout New York’s 472 subway stations became exhausted, and he turned to eBay to expand his hunt. His interest in MetroCards naturally expanded into other subway memorabilia, which he purchased online and documented in his studio. As he met fellow subway enthusiasts and learned more about New York’s rich transportation history, he became transfixed.

New York City Transit Authority: Objects is published by Standards Manual and distributed in North America by ARTBOOK | DAP, and internationally by Thames & Hudson.

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