Weekend Heller: Going Ape Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Frank Ape is getting to shine in the spotlight. On July 27 the Contra Galleries in New York City is presenting an exhibition of new works by the iconic Sasquatch character created by Brandon Sines. The show, which is called “Over the Rainbow,” takes viewers on a magical adventure through the eyes of Frank and his different ways of seeing the world. This is the first major solo Frank exhibition in three years and will feature all new work.

Sines says, “The opening night will be an immersive experience in a multi-roomed gallery with a different theme in each room, new limited-edition Frank collectibles, open bar, DJ set by nosunobu, and the real-life Frank.” Attendees will be able to interact with several site-specific installations, visit the exclusive pop-up gift shop, and dance throughout the night to some of Frank’s favorite songs.

Frank is a Sasquatch who lives in New York City among us average humans. “He embodies positivity and equality, and cares about all living things,” reports Sines, who says Frank loves to have fun, but like all of us he sometimes “has to take serious matters head-on, leading visitors to experience a wide range of emotions as they see Frank balance the beauty of living.”

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