Weekend Heller: Heralding Unheralded Designers

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One of the fresh design history magazines, Commercial Article, promises to expand the canon and your appreciation of all forms of design. I wrote about it a year ago, but it is worth another plug. Edited by Jon and James Sholly Commercial Article records the design legacy of Indiana. Yes Indiana! Through a series of issues that covers people and things, design history and heritage that most of us have yet to discover.

The current issue is on Xenia Miller who collaborated with modernist giants Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard on not one, but two homes — Columbus, Indiana’s Miller House being one of the most important residential projects in architectural history. But that’s just the beginning. Commercial Article focuses on designers and illustrators who worked in Indianapolis for nearly 40 years, but remain largely unknown outside the city’s borders, is currently sold out. So subscribe today and don’t miss another issue. Also go here for back issues that are still available.

(Commercial Article the publication, is a bi-product of Commercial Artisan, the studio. It is our attempt to represent a history that might otherwise go undocumented and connect it to the larger design world. Our interest in design history — particularly regional design history — has prompted us to take a look at figures in Indiana design who have been overlooked or under-appreciated.)