Weekend Heller: Is Graphic Design Universe Finite?

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It occurred to me while paging through the online Swann auction House catalog for its May 3 sale of graphic design (mostly posters) just how seemingly infinite is the mass of beautifully printed, smartly conceived and stylistically varied graphic designs that has been produced by known and anonymous designers and artists since the late 19th century. It makes the head spin. I’m pretty literate when it comes to these things, yet a large number of the items for sale in this, as in other Swann catalogs, is new to my eyes. Even if you are not in the market for design ephemera (which has lasted longer than some “non-ephemeral” art) you’ll enjoy flipping through the catalog found here.

Robert Falucci, 1935.

Robert Falucucci. 1935.

Designer Unknown, 1907.

Lucio Venna, 1928.

Giovanni Mingozzi, 1950.

Alexandr Vladimir Hrska, 1925.

Walter Dexel, 1929.