Weekend Heller: Japanese Food Tins, Poster Journals, Newspaper Puns

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Fresh Fish Labels from Japan

We take fish tin labels for granted. And why not? They are not the most appetizing designs as a rule. In Japan, where fish is the staple, and fresh fish should be abundant, its kind of fishy that they have so many canned products. But appropriate that these tins are well labeled.


A delightful little big book “A Collection of Canned Food Labels: Made in Japan” (Seigensha Art Publishing) shows pages swimming with tasty vintage labels. Many are fish and sea creatures, but some are fruit and veggies too, as these examples attest. Fresh art on a can.


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A Journal About Posters Titled . . .

. . . The Poster. You can’t get more specific than that. The fourth issue produced by Intellect: Publishers of Original Thinking is now available. And you can either receive the journal (one for free) or purchase PDFs of the articles here. This includes “Visit Spain: The image of Spain in the state’s tourist poster (1928–1975),” “Time, space and place: The Polish Poster School,” “In the Year 1789” and more.

the poster

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Alas, It Speaks for Itself

And so, I will say no more. (Thanks to Gail Anderson for her careful reading of New York’s remaining newspapers.)