Weekend Heller: Lustigs for Sale

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A treasure trove of Alvin Lustig material is about to go on the market. It needs a special home. I heard from Albert Albano, executive director of ICA / Art Conservation, that he is ready to part with this part of an extensive collection.


“Alvin Lustig has finally come to be appreciated as unarguably one of the most important graphic designers of the 20th century,” writes Albano, “not only in the U.S. but internationally as well. The diversity, sophistication and sheer fertility of his mind and work are supported by the wide range of his design talents and the synergy he achieved in his work with the contemporary art zeitgeist of his era.”

He developed relationships with a range of businesses, “designing not only books, but all types of promotional and outreach materials, including pamphlets, catalogs, and postcards for the Girl Scouts of America with a new look of photomontage and sparse typeface overlays.”


Albano selected “a small group of design favorites,” representing approximately 250 works by Alvin Lustig in a single collection that is currently available for purchase at $20,000.

He welcomes any inquires concerning the collection—Albert Albano, albert1066@gmail.com, (216) 337-6532.


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