Weekend Heller – March 8, 2013

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Baeder’s Baedecker

The historic American diner paintings by John Baeder are coming back to New York courtesy OK Harris Works of Art. On March 9 his work will hang in this storied gallery, 383 West Broadway until April 14.

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Niemann’s Petting Zoo

Christoph Niemann’s first interactive picture book, Petting Zoo, is a perfect iPhone game. Swipe and tap the 21 animals and be surprised at how they gyrate and rotate. This app combines the charm of hand made animations and Niemann’s wry hipster humor with state of the art technology. If you find yourself wondering “what would an elephant in a bathroom do?”, you can find out here with this delightful animated digital folly.


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Core 77’s Sustainable Awards

Allan Chochinov assures us that “no plane fuel” is used in the making of this competition. Juries are selected from specific locales around the globe and linked via Skype.

There are just 2 weeks left to enter, and Chochinov wants to attract as many amazing projects as possible. Indeed Core 77 completely rethought the entire awards process: Distributed “local” juries around the globe / Progressive categories including Speculative Objects, Social Innovation, Educational Initiatives, and Food Design! / Increased transparency (video testimonials for the entrants; live jury webcasts for the judges) / A trophy “that makes trophies” (we think that since design is a team sport, it is more considerate to provide multiple trophies. Our’s is a mold that can make trophies for your entire design team, clients, etc.)

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This year’s jury features design luminaries such as Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, Eddie Opara, and Matali Crasset.

You must enter here to be considered and the deadline for all entries is March 15.

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Open Book’s Experimental Book Workshop

Defining the term “book” loosely, as a vehicle for visual or verbal content that is organized into “sections,” Leslie Atzmon and Ryan Molloy of Eastern Michigan University, have organized an intensive ten‐day workshop that, they say “will challenge overly simplistic, even fatalistic, ideas about the demise of physical books by stressing instead the ways novel renditions of physical and digital and hybrid ‘books’ carry meaning. The objective is to encourage participants to explore unconventional forms that books may take and to create an artwork/designed object that challenges ideas of what books can be.” The workshop runs from August 8 – 18. Go here for application and costs.

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