Weekend Heller: My Wishlist

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There are three events that I wish some of you will consider joining.

VENTURE 16: On April 12, the SVA MFA Design / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur graduating class present their design enterprises at the annual Thesis Forum at the SVA Theatre. Each of the 19 projects is an innovative and market-ready business venture, elevated by the program’s keen focus on user-centered design and the thoughtful leverage of visual strategy.


SVA MASTER’S TYPOGRAPHY WORKSHOP IN ROME: An intensive hands-on workshop enables you to research and analyze the roots of typography as well as print on a vintage letterpress, and draw type and letters from the classic models while practicing contemporary design. The workshop is presented by a faculty of Italian and American designers and historians.


IMPACT: DESIGN FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: Two different two-week programs.

Workshop 1: Strategies for Creative InterventionMany design, communication and architecture professionals have turned their efforts to projects geared toward positive community impact. Some take an entrepreneurial approach and others weave a social agenda into their overall practice. This two-week workshop will focus on three critical areas: ecosystem mapping, creative sessions and prototyping. Participants will develop the strategic foundation for a socially minded, design-driven project and leave with an understanding of the steps needed to make it a reality.

Workshop 2: Strategies for Community EngagementCommunity engagement refers to the process by which a community (represented by a selection of organizations and individuals) is actively involved in building a collective solution for its own benefit. By collaboratively improving the design and delivery of public services, designers can assist communities in building more satisfying and meaningful lives. Each participant will engage as a team member in the development of a project concept for a New York City, community-based neighborhood nonprofit organization.


LogoLounge 9 – Available Now

The ninth book in the LogoLounge Series once again celebrates expert identity work by notable designers and up-and-coming talents from around the world. This edition’s far-reaching collection offers inspiration and insight for graphic designers and their clients. Masterminded by Bill Gardner, president of Gardner Design, the LogoLounge.com website showcases the latest international logo creations. Get a copy now.