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Richard McGuire Makes a Book

It has been too long since Richard McGuire’s work has been seen in exhibition. The Morgan Library in collaboration with the Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at The New York Public Library are rectifying this from September 25 to November 9 with “From Here to Here: Richard McGuire Makes a Book.” More about “Here” here.


In 1989 a black-and-white comic by Richard McGuire, modestly titled “Here,” appeared in RAW magazine. It was quickly recognized as a game-changing achievement in graphic narrative. To mark the Fall 2014 publication of Here as an all-new, full-color graphic novel and e-book, this exhibition explores the (re)invention of a contemporary classic.

Though the viewpoint in Here remains fixed on one corner of a living room, time in the story is boundless and elastic. Populating the space with multiple frames of action, dating from the ancient past to the distant future, McGuire conjures narratives, dialogues, and streams of association that unite moments divided by years and centuries. * * * * * * * * * *

Bronwyn Elvis Chochinov Makes a Comic

Bronwyn Chochinov’s third graphic novel of Love Never Dies—the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera—was drawn by twelve-year-old Bronwyn, who based it on the lesser-known Andrew Lloyd Webber production filmed in 2012 and staged for a few months in 2011. What a delightful treat. It’s extraordinary that it’s her third book in two years. Copies available on Etsy here.


The International Design IssueThe October issue of Print, Steven Heller explores the Evolution of design magazines and speaks with the founders of the independent book publisher, Unit Editions. The International Design Issue explores everything from the posters of Cuban designers to the street art in Cairo to the UN’s design team.

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