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When yesterday the executive-snake-oil-salesman-in-chief (“I am not a doctor but I play one on TV”) pronounced his support of ingesting disinfectant, notably Lysol (and Clorox), his comments were met with incredulous disbelief. Was this his sarcasm? Stupidity? Or both? Here are just two headlines ripped from the teletype:

“Trump’s Suggestion That Disinfectants Could Be Used to Treat Coronavirus Prompts Aggressive Pushback” (NY Times) and “Lysol maker warns against internal use of disinfectants after Trump comments” (NBC News).

Well, “Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea” (Walter Winchell) it begs the question: Dateline Washington: Is the President plugging brandnames at briefings to make up what he’s lost in a collapsing stock market (stop!) or simply medicinal malpractice? (Stop!)

Infection can't dent the Lysol line
Is "caledar fear" undermining your health?


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