Weekend Heller: Save Rizzoli, Love Letterpress, Honor Canada

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Save a New York Literary LandmarkThe Rizzoli Bookstore building is an icon of New York City architecture and one of the most beautiful commercial spaces in America. It’s an impressive example of adaptive reuse of a former piano showroom into a retail space and one of the few remaining examples of architecturally significant bookstores in an era where bookstores are increasingly threatened.”


Vornado and Le Frak Realty have announced plans to demolish the building in order to build a new high-rise. The Landmarks Preservation Commission, whose mission is “to be responsible for protecting New York City’s architecturally, historically, and culturally significant buildings,” has declined to grant landmark status to the building on the grounds that the property “lacks the architectural significance necessary to meet the criteria for designation,” despite the Community Board voting unanimously in favor of designating 31 W 57TH Street a landmark in 2007.

This is the time to use social media’s power to inform the Landmark Preservation Commission that 31 W 57th Street is architecturally significant and deserves landmark status! Sign the petition.

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Letterpress, GOOD!!!This print by Robynne Raye is the latest edition to The Beauty of Letterpress. This print sells for $5 and Neenah will double the proceeds with all donations going to Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.


I Love You, Man; “Like a lot of my work, this piece started out really organic,” says Raye. “I’m not sure if it’s a cat or a dog but I don’t think that’s important. My friend Dalton Webb was hanging out with me that day in the studio, and he helped pick the color and font. He laughed when I tried Hobo so I decided to keep it and truthfully, I think I’ve always had a deep down desire to take a typeface disliked by so many, and see it letter pressed.”

Order here.Or find your bliss at:Robynne Raye: @BubblesRayeHamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum: @hamiltonwoodtypThe Beauty of Letterpress: @BoLetterPressNeenah Paper: @NeenahPaper

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Identity Crisis, eh?From our brothers in the North, the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada: “As proud Canadians, do you want something truly memorable for Canada’s 150th anniversary logo? Help us send a loud and clear message to Ottawa about the identity development process for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. Use the form below to send your message and sign the national petition:”

Canada's Centennial Logo. Stuart Ash FGDC

Canada’s Centennial Logo. Stuart Ash FGDC

Canadians are using this website to petition the Government to develop a Design Advisory Board for the 150th celebrations identity. We are recommending that the board have representation from each of Canada’s three design associations (GDC, SDGQ, RGD). Use the petition form to make your voice heard, show your support for Canada’s professional design community, and send a clear message to Ottawa about the development of the identity for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

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The Beauty of Letterpress: Alvin Lustig Elements Prints

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