Weekend Heller: The Buck Stops Here

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One of my favorite small presses, Kat Ran Press (which sounds a bit like a character in The Hunger Games) has produced lovely illustrated New Year’s greetings about designers’ (AIGA Medalists’) stamp designs, last year for example. This year, the greeting is devoted to type designers who designed currency, paper and coin. Proprietor of the press, Michael Russem, is an avid collector and a generous numismatic too. Here are some of the examples that appeal to him the most.

Coin 2b

Max Bill, 1987

Benson_Coin 1

John Howard Benson and Arthur Graham Carey, 1936


R.D.E. Oxenaar, 1968


André van der Vossen, 1945


W.A. Dwiggins, 1932


Herbert Bayer, 1923 (notgeld)


J.F. Doeve. 1956

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