Weekend Heller: This Election Needs Some Poster Wit

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We need more of this. ARENA 1 Gallery is presenting “A Presidential Rogues Gallery: Satirical Posters 1960s–Present” through Aug. 20. The exhibition was curated by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. The humor and artistry of protest posters offer powerful commentary on political issues. Well-suited as a means to critique the powers-that-be, posters targeting the presidents of the United States demonstrate a special brand of satire. Lampooned or lambasted, these presidential posters hold our political leaders accountable for social ills, make fun of their foibles, and act as a call to spur activism around a wide range of causes. If you can laugh at someone, you can also challenge him. “A Presidential Rogues Gallery” has nothing in common with traditional electoral posters supporting one candidate over another. Whether mobilizing against war, criticizing social policy or taking on hypocrisy, both Republicans and Democrats are targeted in this exhibition.


Bernie So Punk, ABCNT, Digital print, 2015–2016

ARENA 1: A project of Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405. Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.

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