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Announcing some books that that I’ve been involved in. Here’s that latest to come down the birth canal: The Typographic Universe by Gail Anderson and me: Type is everywhere and finding serendipitous letterforms in the least likely locations can excite and inspire. Once experienced, it’s impossible not to see letters in anything from forests to housing projects, from leaves to brickwork. All the permutations are found here.

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100 Classic Graphic Design Journals by Jason Godfrey and me surveys a unique collection of the most influential magazines devoted to graphic design, advertising and typography. These journals together span over 100 years of the history of print design and chart the rise of graphic design from a necessary sideline to the printing industry to an autonomous creative profession. Here is a review from Grafik.

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Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design Third Edition by me is revised version of Design Literacy featuring essays from the original and mixing in 32 new works. Each essay offers a taste of the aesthetic, political, historical and personal issues that have engaged designers from the late 19th century to the present—from the ubiquitous to the whimsical.

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Lessons LearnedFor even more of Steven Heller’s design insight, get your copy of Lessons Learned, the August issue of Print that includes the “Evolution” of “cute” — a read that will make you laugh and think — and more.

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