Weekend Heller: Trolling the Info for Bleu Migration

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Frances Jetter on PaperFor a wonderful website experience visit Frances Jetter here. And for a moving gallery experience visit Jetter’s New York exhibition at VanDeb Editions here or in person. Her “Works on Paper” opens on October 10 through November 9. Below is Jetter’s Troll (linocut). Now you don’t have to imagine a troll at your table.

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Hey Kid, Want Some Information?It’s that time again for those looking into grad schools to attend open houses and info sessions. This is the one that I do with Lita Talarico. Join us in person or online here.


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The Man of a Hundred JacketsWarren Lehrer is a typographic performance artist and author of books about which he performs. His most recent is a long time in coming. I wrote about it here. Its the life of the enigmatic yet ubiquitous author/designer Bleu Mobley, told through the books he authored and designed. You won’t want to miss A Life in Books: the Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley when it comes to your neighborhood bookshop (if there are any left). See Lehrer perform here.


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Migrant Rights Illustrated

MigrationNation is a collaboration between CultureStrike and the Creative Action Network with the goal of bringing all the great art and design work around migrant rights that has already been made, making it easier for artists to submit more works, for supporters to share, and for pro-migrant movement groups to use work to help create a more pro-migrant culture.

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Poster by Favianna Rodriguez. More posters are on MigrationNation website. Some are quite moving too.

Additional ResourceRegister for the HOW Interactive Design Conference by October 7 and save up to $100.